My name is Jim Trosper. I am a graduate from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelors degree in Photographic arts. 

      All of the fundamentals of photography set up a good photo, but what really makes a photo great is emotion. The emotion has to come from both sides of the camera. I find that if I stay passionate and pursue a great image I always seem to end up in the perfect spot to get emotion from my subject to create a great photo.

      My body of work is a series of photographs showcasing the purest forms of nature. The connection that a lot of people have with nature is rooted in a desire for the unknown that further drives human thought and innovation. 

      My process entails a long exposure technique that allows me to connect feelings to my photos that draw my viewers in. From vivid colors to dynamic lighting, my series of photographs allows me to instill a sense of adventure in my work. That feeling is amplified by seeing this series live. My work is presented on aluminum metal that gives a high gloss reflection that requires my viewers to look past themselves to experience the photos in full. That personal connection to the moment in the photo is what I aim to get across to my viewers.